About the Company

„Alinava“ Ltd. was founded in 2007. The Company started its activities in round wood processing, and later launched and began rapidly expanded the area of solid biofuel production.

„Alinava“ Ltd Ltd main activity is biofuel production and distribution. We use our own working tools, machinery, organized team, and reliable associates and partners. We systematic themselves carry out the work from the first step: the preparation of raw materials to the finished product delivery to the customers by special transport. Working on this way we can always ensure stable work and work on time.

Taking our special machinery and equipment, we can offer a spectrum of services covering management of green areas, wood waste shredding, and preparation of raw material for biofuel, processing, and disposal of bulk goods.

One of the most important and fundamental our business goals are to achieve optimal results in the production of solid biofuels, through partners, staff and technical assistance.

We produce various sizes of timber, interior and exterior siding at our sawmill.

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