Information for preparation of biofuel raw materials

Starters of raw materials make the most common mistakes:

  • raw material contaminated with soil, roots, metal and other debris;
  • Stored raw material is unavailable for machinery.

We want to facilitate your work, and provide information on how to properly prepare raw material suitable for the production of biofuels.

Preparation of raw materials for biofuels

When cleaning the abandoned lands, canals, outskirts, it is very important to pay attention to how raw materials piled in the cutting area during logging operations. It is important that the bushes, trees, branches should be held by the shovel thick ends to one side.

It is very actual when the raw materials are leaving from the sites of storage, where the granulation is following the next.

Correctly stacked piles of raw material at logging sites facilitates the removal and helps prevent debris ingress

Extraction of biofuel raw materials should be performed using specialized equipment for transportation; it is recommended to use grippers for biofuels. In this way you’re avoiding to load the branches are removed together with the dirt and other debris.

A common mistake of the farmers is they use the telescopic loader for biofuel feedstock loading into a tractor trailers, for the transportation to the storage sites. When working with inappropriate equipment, the inevitable impurities:  ground, stones, metal debris enter the biofuel. Biofuel raw material becomes unsuitable for shredding and disposal what results the farmers incur extra costs for utilization of warehouses.

Storage site selection of raw material for biofuels

Cutting and transporting biofuel chips there should be used specialized machinery. Therefore, in order to realize the raw material for biofuels it is very important to appropriate storage site.

The most appropriate site for biofuel raw material storage is easily reached place (besides maintained roads, gravel roads or places with a solid basis).

  It is also necessary to point out that there is enough space to turn around for large scale vehicles, and enough space for the wood chipper and the tractor to stop one next to each other (about 6 meters).

Storage of biofuel feedstock at limited reached places (field roads, cultivated fields, forest logging site, etc.), reduces the possibility to realize a profit of your accumulated biofuel feedstock because shredding works in these areas are influenced of weather conditions.

If you need more detailed information on how to properly prepare the raw material for biofuels, select the appropriate storage place, and to get out of the maximum possible benefits, please contact us for an advice. We will provide you with all the relevant information that will help you to work profitably.

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